16 Craft Ideas How To Use Bottle Cap

All over the world people enjoy a cold beer now and then throw away the bottle caps,

assuming they are just trash. At first glance, they may seem to be, but a closer look and some

imagination reveals a terrific source for beer bottle cap crafts. Most are easy to do, quickly

made and, best of all, assist in keeping landfills down. Plus, beer bottle caps can be used in

crafting things that can be used as gifts as well as items for personal use.


Below, we have made a photo collection of 18 crafts that you can do with the use of bottle

cap. From cool wall decorations, picture frames, mirror frames, candle holders, bowls to a

whole table and chair designs out of bottle caps. These ideas will definitely inspire you not to

throw the cap, the next time you open a new bottle of beer or soda. Check them and get

inspired to do some creative things for your home out of bottle caps.


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