Who is a craft beer drinker


This is how it looks in UK. And who drinks a craft beer in Poland? Does anybody drink it at all? Or maybe we drink only cheep beer or a commercial one?

Not exactly. It turns out that Poles are looking for the highest quality products and move towards a special or flavored beers and mixed ones. The positive trend is also a growth of interest in a beer and a desire of improving the knowledge in this field. It leads to an emergence of a pretty large group of people who is looking for innovative premium products which characterize by a higher quality and price.

Men vs. Women

How do you think, who drinks more craft beer in Poland? Men or women? If you said men… yees, you are right. It is the same as among our British friends, the vast majority of craft beer drinkers is men! Girls, what’s wrong with you? Wine is passé,, drink a craft beer!


Age, education and life style

When you go to a multitap bar or on a beer festival you often see people in the age of 20-30 years which doesn’t mean that among craft beers’ consumers there are no other age groups.

When it comes to the education, about 25% of people who drink craft beers are students. But it’s not so important. Everyone can drink a craft beer!

A typical fan of a craft beer run a healthy lifestyle, goes to the gym, eats salads, tries to be active and fit. Does she/he listen to the radio as our friends from Great Britain? We don’t know the answer but, undoubtedly, she/he watches good movies and listens to awesome music!


source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/430516045600090018/

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